The Badass himself, he's looking into your soul

Zamorak is the god of Evil in runescape. He rules all that is evil. If you mess with Zamorak he will problably rip off your sack, roll you up in a ball, and play basketball with you

Zamoraks HobbiesEdit

  • Kill noobs
  • Teleport Corporeal Beast to Lumbridge and see all of the noobs run away while Corporeal Beast steps on them all.
  • Listen to Miley Cyrus
  • Have Yo Mama Fights with his brother Saradomin.
  • Eat Demons.
  • Guitar Hero

Why is Zamorak sooo mean?Edit

Zamorak was born evil. Here are some known facts about him.

  • He was raised by sheep, and ate wolves.
  • He is worshipped by Chuck Norris.
  • He got his liscense to kill at 10 days old.
  • He once made a baseball bat out of noobs.
  • He once tried to force Miley Cyrus to marry him.
  • He is able to look into your soul.
  • He helped JaGex destroy the W.O.W.'ers.
  • He likes to eat peanut butter on his noobwich.
  • His face can turn Medusa into stone.
  • He has a Facebook.
  • He inspired Master Cheif to be a Spartan.

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