� Spammers are a elite force of noobs that specialize in annoying the hell out of you. As you may see the word spammer is a long, yet unusual name that the noobs would use, that because they normally call them fast typer squadron. But we non-noobs call them by spammers because they fit the following description.

Super- They are more powerful and annoyinger than regular noobs.

Pathetic-They just annoy you which is pathetic

Annoying- If you have ever encountered a noob, you will know why.

Manaiacle- They are the evil spawns of Satan.

Magical-They are able to type at the speed of light.

Emo-They are emotionally challenged and usually cut themselves when they aren't able to annoy someone because they were put on the targets ignore list.

Retards-They say the stupidest things.


The elite spammers of the noob army are trained to use the following methods to annoy the hell out of you.

  • Say random things to annoy people and make their experience on runescape less enjoyable
  • Ask for things that they can't have, for example "can I have your party hat" they will say this thousands of times in a minute.
  • Join various clan chats and insult people, for example "excl is dark arm3's sister"


They're main goal is just to annoy the hell out of you to see your reaction, and to make them feel better after they were just bullied or raped because they are low-lives.

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