Runescape is a famous MMORPG known for attracting noobs, nerds, and low lives.

The beginningEdit

Brothers Paul and Andrew Gower have always had a dream of making a browser MMORPG for their fellow nerds but didn't have the money to do so. So after countless months of lemonade stands, stealing old lady's purses,andselling millions of dollars worth of marijuana, they finally got the money they needed to launch the site and start making the game.

The NameEdit

The name Runescape was first created when the Gowers were running away from the PoPo, the EPIC chase lasted 16 hours and when they finally got home after ditching the police the only thing they could think of was "Run" or "Escape". But then they realised that if you put Run and Escape together you could make the word Runescape, the Gower brothers thought this sounded epic so they used it and named it Runescape.

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