Farmer-nub 1

A noob talking to a NPC

� Noobs or the

Non-profit= People dont fall for their cheap tricks (unless they are complete dumbasses.)

Organization= They seem to have established a organization for 8-12 year olds that cannot make anymoney.


Bampots= is another word for Idiots... you know why.

Types of NoobsEdit

Noob-Noob= A low-life..umm I mean level who randomly walks up to a player and calls them a noob.

Bragger-Noob= The Noob that brags about having a lot of money (50gp-1k) or a high skill (level 2-13)

No deal Nub= The Noob that tries to buy a Armadyl Godsword for 50gp, but when he doesn't get his way he cries, gets really angry, cusses, punches his computer screen, and smashes his computer keyboard, or he just calls you a noob and runs away.

No deal Noob= A genetically altered Noob that was origionally bred for a army of super-soldier spammers, but instead was weaker, more stupid, and harasses other players about their items until you finally give in and show you their items in a trade.

Nwdkaahrtkbaatiyhshytswis Noob= A Nooby that annoys the peoples of Runescape by asking them what item they are wearing is, and until the player tells them what the item they are wearing is they will not stop asking. The longest time a person has been able to withstand the power of the� Nwdkaahrtkbaatiyhshytswis currently stands at 14 hours 23 minutes and 9 seconds.

Reporter Noob= A Noob that asks you to go and get them something, and if you refuse, will threaten you with the report button, thinking that when you report a player, a SWAT team breaks into their house and beats the crap out of them.

Lost Noob= The Noob that harrases you with dirty E-mails, threats, and other methods and annoyingness and Idiocy, until you tell them how you get to a certain location.

Macroer Noob= A Noob that buys and uses illegal auto-leveling software with his/her money that they earned at their prostitute job.

Spammer Noob= A highly trained Noob that has the ability type a message thousands of times a second and fill up your screen with useless spam until you either,

A. Die

B. Smack them through the computer

C. Log out

D. Add to the ignore

F. Join their Noob organization

G. Give them a BJ

Who created Noobs?Edit

Noobs are a very old race of RS players, they date back to 100,000 million years ago. In ancient Foldlore, it is said that the first noob was created by some dudes named the Noobrunners, by mixing their spamming technology, a couple of computer nerds, a pile of crap, some newspapers that they used for toilet paper, a dirty kleenex, and Michael Jackson. They managed to create a Noob soooooo terifying, so annoying, and so ugly and obnoxious, that it could only go by one name... Tehnoobshow! He terrorized the trilobites. annoyed dinosaurs to death, and made the first homosapians commit suicide. It is also said that the Noobs survived the mass-extinction of the dinosaurs by asking some dinosaurs for fr33 st00l= pl0x, until the dinosaur eventually commited suicide. And bon-appetite, you have a smorgeshbord!

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