Jagex Paintball

The soldiers of JaGex preparing to attack the W.O.W.'ers

After the Gower brothers set up their site, they made there headquarters in their moms basement in Cambridge, England. But with making the website, they really screwed up when they said that they would make weekly updates. Since Andrew and Paul can't do anything by themselves they had to hire some hobos off of the street for $1.50

Their World of Warcraft rivalEdit

Along with getting extremely famous and firing all of the hobos, the Gower brothers hired a elite squad of Java Generating Experts (aka JaGex). But with their success, the World of Warcraft employees started a war with the Runescape staff personel. Andrew and Paul realised that they would have to go to war with the W.O.W.'ers when they started ding-dong ditching their moms house, so JaGex started gathering a large ammunition of eggs out of Mrs. Gowers fridge and started throwing them at the W.O.W.'ers. With many countless hours of fighting, JaGex finally won the war when they received the Golden Joystick reward and used its power to nuke their entire corporation.

JaGex in the gameEdit

The JaGex crew in the game act like a bunch of 12 year olds. If you say something like "w00t just pwned some Hellhounds" A J.Mod. will say "OOOOOOOOOOOO im telling!" and then they actually ban you. Then they start teasing all of the noobys in lumbridge because they have gold crowns and they dont, then they start bragging about the thing that they keep telling players to not do- power leveling. Everyone knows that J. Mods. power level since they are tooooooooo lazy to actually play their own game. And not to mention that they're bad liers.

Player- OMG how come you can power level and I can't?

J.Mod.- I dont power level noob...

Player- Then how do you go from all 1-99 in all stats in a single day?

J.Mod.- Because im just sooo AWESOME!

Its obvious that when he says AWESOME he actually means- "I control the F*****G game noob, I can adjust my stats whenever I please.

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