A noob wearing bronze armour, unaware that it is made of crap

� Bronze armour is basically crap that is shaped into the form of a set of armour and sold to noobs at a low price just to make them feel better after they were killed by a chicken in Lumbridge.

How to make bronze armourEdit

  • Eat 12 pounds of beans.
  • Crap into a furnace.
  • Take out crap after 16 hours to eliminate smell.
  • Craft into a set of armour.
  • Set into furnace for 30 minutes to harden again.

Health issuesEdit

After extended use of wearing the bronze armour, you may have the following illnesses.

  • Noobatitus
  • Urge to eat armour
  • Swine Flu
  • Hallucinations about riding bronze dragons
  • And loss of life

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